IXM: Overview

The IXM is a revolutionary in-ear monitor system that combines a high quality low-noise instrument cable and a pristine in-ear monitor signal into ONE patent pending cable.

How the IXM In-Ear Monitor System Works

The IXM system is ideal for guitar / intrument players in any live performance situations... church and worship bands, weekend warriors, or full time professional musicians. The system works equally well in touring or fixed installations.

The system includes the following:

ixm cable
IXM Cable

The IXM Cable is a unique proprietary Patent Pending cable that carries your instrument signal from the IXM Bodypack. It also carries your personalized in-ear mix from any headphone amp to the IXM Bodypack.

It is a high quality instrument cable and in-ear monitor cable combined into ONE flexible cable. It splits into TRS and 1/4 inch connectors at the end with 18 inch tails. It is 18 feet long and has high quality Neutrik connectors on all ends.

ixm front
ixm bodypack rear
ixm bodypack bottom
ixm bodypack side
IXM Bodypack

Just plug your instrument and headphones into the IXM Bodypack and you are ready to go.

To connect/disconnect from the rest of the IXM System, just connect/disconnect the IXM Cable. This gives you a quick and easy way to get on and off stage.

The very sturdy IXM Bodypack is built to last. The instrument jack is a locking Neutrik 1/4 jack, not a miniature proprietary jack! The Jumper Cable connector is also a Neutrik connector. There are 2 molded belt clips for added stability and durability, not a wimpy wire belt clip! And, because the chasis is made from extruded aluminum, it is very lightweight.

• Neutrik NYS238 Adapter

The The Neutrik NYS238 Adapter is a 1/4 inch stereo female to 1/4 inch stereo female adapter. By connecting it to the 1/4 inch male TRS stereo connector on the IXM Cable, it allows you to recieve an in-ear mix from a male 1/4 inch TRS stereo cable.

18 inch mogami patch cable
• 18" Mogami Instrument Patch Cable

To connect your instrument to the IXM Bodypack, we include an 18 inch Mogami Instrument Patch cable.

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